Turf solutions for adding life to your garden

Anfield Turf takes pride in providing the best in turf solutions for all manner of needs. Take a look at what we offer.

Anfield Turf offer services for all industries and all kinds of lawn & turf needs. We take pride in helping our customers maintain their lawns to the best of their ability. We can offer you advice with mowing, lawn feeding, pest control, fertilisers and ways in which to get lush healthy lawn all year round.

We are licensed Palmetto Buffalo growers and also use Couch turf supplies. Our Buffalo turfs are:

  • Drought Resistant
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Less Mowing
  • Hard Wearing
  • Best Winter Colour
  • Out Competes Weeds

Lawn & Turf for Sports and Recreation

Whether you are a fan of cricket, or love to play soccer or football on sturdy lawns, you need a good base to get your lawn to grow. Here at Anfield Turf we can provide you the turf and lawn essentials that will make for a great ground to play on. 

Industrial lawns

Many of the lawns you see in parks, urban landscape and city centres of the Mid North Coast have been laid by the team at Anfield Turf. We offer lawn and turf solutions to local councils and government bodies because they rely on us to provide the best in lawn and turf needs. Just call us and we can give you a list of the lawns we have laid in your area. 

Domestic lawns

If you have a new or exisiting home and want to do some landscape gardening, then you need to start with good foundations. Anfield Turf can assist you with both healthy and easy turf solutions.

Find out how we can lay down your new lawn, help you maintain it and give it the best possible chance to live well and keep your garden looking great. 

landscaped lawn and garden